THE ORIGINAL YUL RECORDS started operating in 1981 with its first back to back 12 inch single releases by CHAM PANG 12YUL1 and RATIONAL YOUTH 12YUL2

YUL was in the early 80’s (and is again) the AVIATION CODE for MONTREALand thereby symbolized our attachment to our city. Credit goes to Pyer Desrochers my first associate on those two early releases for penning the name. I liked it as it reminded me of 415 Records from San Francisco, a cool indy label at the time who used the city’s area code in a similar way to identify their origins.

YUL RECORDS took a long break for sure (20 years) during which time no less than TWO other YUL RECORDS appeared in Montreal between 2000 and 2008. Popular name I guess.

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