YUL Records the 80’s ELECTRO-BEAT Label from MONTREAL

YUL is the AVIATION CODE for MONTREAL and thereby symbolized our attachment to our city. Credit goes to Pyer Desrochers my first associate on those two early releases for suggesting the name. I was looking for a great name, something similar to 415 Records from San Francisco, a cool indy label at the time who used the city’s area code in a similar way to identify their location.

YUL RECORDS started operating in 1981 with its first back to back 12 inch single releases by CHAM PANG 12YUL1 and RATIONAL YOUTH 12YUL2 Additional 12 inch singles by MONTY CANTSIN 12YUL5 & 12YUL8 and the debut DESIGN 12YUL6 were released in 1983 & 84.

YUL RECORDS is most well know for delivering in 1982 the incredible RATIONAL YOUTH 1st LP COLD WAR NIGHT LIFE YULP1 Produced by Pat Deserio. A runaway hit album that topped many indy & university radio stations charts for months and saw the band do a 1983 Canadaian Tour of 28 concerts in 31 days from Quebec City to Vancouver. This amazing success attracted the attention Capitol-EMI and in late 1983 YUL Management signed a deal that sent RATIONAL YOUTH to EMI where the story continued with the release of the RATIONAL YOUTH MiniLP and the full length 1984 2nd LP HEREDITY Produced by Tracy Howe & Dee Long.

In 2010 YUL RECORDS reissued a few CDEPs and now in 2024 we will be back in business with NEW Artists, NEW Releases, NEW 80’s Compilation and re-issues of other worthy Montreal bands classic LPs on Vinyl.


Stay tuned.

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