Rational youth
Rational Youth!

DANCING ON THE BERLIN WALL EP is the new release by internationally recognized pioneers of synthesizer-based pop music, Rational Youth. Their 1982 album COLD WAR NIGHT LIFE is a cornerstone classic of the Electro-Pop genre. This EP features brand new recordings of the classic song never before issued as a single in the 80's. This time in English, in German, in PURE and EURO Dance versions, including an 80's style New Wave extended dance mix. Added to that, the original version to round out the 6 track package. The EP was produced by Tracy Howe and Bill Vorn, the original 1981 duo and mixed & mastered by renowned Montreal producer, Jean Pierre Isaac.

Dancing On The Berlin Wall is dedicated to the memory of 80's YUL Records producer and partner Pat Deserio. "The great thing about Pat was he didn't pretend to understand everything about us but he brought his own expertise to help us make a great record. And he just loved us for all the sort of unexplainable reasons you love something/somebody and I loved him in the same way. And he was just so Italian and funny and sweet." Tracy Howe

Now, in this age of the New Cold War, where terrorists have replaced the red threat, Howe and Vorn have reunited with YUL Records for further voltage-controlled exploration of the synthisphere. Their mission: First, a few deluxe re-renderings of some of their 80's classics, Dancing On The Berlin Wall will be followed by an all new Coboloid Race and then, secondly, some re-issues of the said classics including a 180 gram 30th anniversary special edition vinyl COLD WAR NIGHT LIFE, and a new HISTORY OF multiple CD compilation covering 1981- 2011, the entire story.

Also be on guard for multiple City of Night / Cite Phosphore DJ Dance ReMixes from our friends at www.deepsoundmusic.com

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